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Coming soon! In the meantime, check out my video series Disabled AND Blessed on YouTube!

In this ongoing series, I explore God's good news for disabled persons in the here and now.


What do we make of Bible stories where people with disabilities are little more than objects, or are ostracized to their society's margins?


Is disability necessarily a flaw to be "fixed," and should all disabled persons be hoping for their disabilities to be erased in heaven?


What if there are other voices throughout scripture that whisper of disabled people as agents of divine blessing, of disability as a gift or natural variation rather than a curse?


[Image description: a painting called "Whirlwheel" by Olivia Wise. It is of a person with deep brown skin and upraised arms wearing a long red dress seated in a wheelchair. The art style makes the dress seem flame-like and lends to the feeling of movement, as if her arms are swaying and wheelchair rolling. The canvas is colored in pinks, reds, yellows, and white.]

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