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Why one site for LGBT theology and disability theology?

In fact, you might think about each of the menu's tabs as its own separate site. I've put them all together for a couple of reasons:


The pragmatic reason is that it's cheaper for me to run one website than multiple sites! It's also easier for me to direct people interested in any facet of my work to one url.


More importantly, connections between the treatment of LGBTQA+ persons and disabled persons are worth exploring. Our oppressions are all intertwined; to demolish the dualisms that oppress one group, we must also liberate all other oppressed groups. I personally feel most called to work at breaking binaries amidst the disability community, the trans community, faith communities, and the places where those three groups come together, so those are the areas explored on this site.

While the disability and trans communities are of course distinct from each other,

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