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About Avery 


[Image description: a photo of Avery Arden standing against a brick wall. They are smiling and looking to their right, not at the camera. They are white, have short brown hair, glasses, and they are wearing a lavender button-up shirt and an untied floral bow tie.]

All of the work on this website began with a tumblr blog that I started up in June, 2015, called QueerlyChristian, now called BlessedAretheBinaryBreakers. I made that blog with the hopes of connecting with and ministering to other LGBTA/queer Christians. All those years ago, I never expected to attend seminary, where I could expand my research and compile enough information to create not one but multiple websites!


I use they/them or ze/zir pronouns, and currently live near Atlanta, Georgia, with my wonderful wife Leah and our two cats. I'm in my late 20s, trans, autistic, white, and currently able-bodied. I'm a genderqueer Catholic-Presbyterian graduate of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (MDiv).

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