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A Whole Heap of Resources

I've put together many a masterpost compiling resources for a wide variety of subjects. Many are made particularly for Christians or faith communities; others are more general. I'll mark masterposts that don't include faith-specific content as "secular."


Each of the links on this page leads to a Google Doc. You are welcome to share these masterposts around, and if you know of resources I should add to any of them, please let me know!


Moreover, if there's a topic for which you are seeking resources, and you have reason to believe I might be knowledgable about (maybe it's about religion, or gender/sexuality, or disability, or the Bible, etc.), feel free to email me at and I might put some together for you!


Nonbinary Affirmation

  • I originally compiled these resources for a person seeking to help their Christian parents understand and accept them as a nonbinary person.

  • Contents include general information about what nonbinary means and how one can be nonbinary and Christian; Bible references; rebuttals to common arguments against nonbinary persons; and links to more online resources and book recommendations.

Austen Hartke's Transgender & Christian YouTube Series

  • ​Hartke’s videos offer brief, biblically astute introductions to a variety of topics around being trans and Christian. Here, I’ve written summaries of the videos I find most helpful for communities seeking to make real positive changes.

Resources for Chaplains Ministering to LGBTQA+ Patients, Family, & Stuff

  • Whatever your own views around or connections to LGBTQA+ persons, you will undeniably encounter them as a chaplain. Do you feel equipped to offer them spiritual care without inadvertently doing more harm than good? Do you feel equipped to be an advocate for these patients and staff members? This document of resources should help. 

Example Bathroom Proposal for a church or other faith community

  • If you want to advocate for trans inclusive bathrooms in your community, feel free to use this proposal I wrote up for my own seminary. You may want to tweak some parts to make it specific to your context.


Disability Theology and Practical Applications

  • Content includes: resources for basic "secular" disability knowledge; accessibility in church; and websites and books.


All Things Autism

  • A "secular" masterpost.

  • It can be a major challenge for adult autistic folks to find content for us and by us, because so much “official” content is 1) ableist and harmful and 2) geared towards parents of autistic children. So I’ve compiled just about every resource I’ve got that discusses autism by and for #actuallyautistic folks.

  • Content includes: organizations & self-advocates; defining and describing autism; autism and intersectionality; self diagnosis & professional diagnosis; autistic traits; masking, passing, & scripting; why Autism Speaks & ABA are so bad; and allyship


Anti-Racist Resources for Christians

  • Resources cultivated particularly for white Christians who want to do the work to recognize their own racism and strive towards anti-racism for themselves and for their communities.

  • Contents include: anti-racism 101; Christian-specific resources; protests & riots; police alternatives; and intersectional resources

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